Nice logo but ugly mug on it!

Welcome to the wonderful and magical world of Danny Roth. This website is the home turf of all things me. It is not for the faint of heart or the weak of bladder. However, if you would like to know more about this "Danny Roth" guy, well, you sir (or ma'am) have come to the right place! If you are looking for the Danny Roth who sells real estate, you have came to the wrong place. I am also not the artist, singer, or author who shows up on Google when I type in my name. Finally, I am not a female who lives on the Ohio river making $100,000+ as Spokeo says I am. It's really not true!

Instead, I am a up and coming programmer with many years of web design and development experience. I also tend to spend an insane amount of time on video games. My dream is to finish my degree and go on to be an awesome software engineer. If you want to read more about me, check the About Me page on this site.

So what else is there? Well, be sure to check out the other pages I have on this website:

That's pretty much it. You can follow me on twitter (@dannyroth218), check out my Youtube channel (also a work in progress), or just email me ( if you want to say hey and the like.

One last thing. The Japanese that is on the top of the page is Timothy written in Katakana (I know, I know; usually names in Japanese are written in Kanji, but the Katakana version looked cooler). According to, it means sovereign young poem. See, I am an artist after all!