Who Am I?

My name is Danny Roth. I am a technical specialist (building out server automation systems) by day and a full-spectrum ninja in training by night. I am going down the path of self-improvement and this site will mainly focus on my efforts with that. This is my personal page and blog, so don’t expect too much in the way of words of wisdom or professional content.

Me In Pink

Yep I’m that guy. Ladies control yourselves, now, there is more than enough me here to go around!

My current skillset includes programming (all but Java, but I’m learning), video editing, photo manipulation (note: not photography, though I make horrible attempts sometimes), making sick beats (literately), and bustin caps (digitally). I tend to dance and sing at inappropriate times, whether this is a skill or not is subjective. Other inappropriate skills include jokes at wrong times, awkward conversations in public, the inability to stay still, and foot-in-mouth disease. I can always eat, which is not a good skill to have. I have more serious problems too, but I won’t be putting them on the homepage here.

What else am I you say?

Full-Spectrum Ninja Trainee

Regular ninjas are so lame. I mean, all they can do is hide in the shadows and stab people. So can Norman Bates, and he (she?) isn’t lauded as anything special. Well, he is special in his own way. And yes, I know real ninjas were mainly in espionage and arson fields, but let me run with the analogy I am attempting to make anyway.

A full-spectrum ninja, on the other hand, trains in many different aspects of their lives. They don’t stab people, they stab their own bad habits to become efficient and stealthy in everyday life and work. They value their daily training for their own health, wealth, and well-being. If they have a goal in mind, obstacles are nothing more than fun diversion in the epic journey of the inevitable achievement of said goal.

I am still a trainee though, and have a long way to go. Just as many ninjas were trained by their families, I have a wonderful family, a fantastic group of friends (who are family you chose to be with), and supportive coworkers. Online, I use the wonderful Nerd Fitness community for practical (and sometimes with a very needed bluntness) information. If you have an interest in fitness and absolutely fantastic posts with a super nice community, I recommend it.

Just like most modern ninjas, I have an interest in obstacle courses and parkour. Someday it would be fantastic to go to compete on Ninja Warrior, though one step at a time.

Hardcore Geek That’s Trying to Redefine the Label

Thanks for making new misconceptions about geeks... jerks!

Thanks for making new misconceptions about geeks… jerks!

I actually don’t even like the label geek. In fact, I wish we could stop all generalizations of others, but I do understand that from a mental shortcut standpoint. People immediately think of a reclusive, hunched-over, super-white, sweaty, smelly computer hacker who spends 90% of the waking hours behind a keyboard and monitor when they think of what a geek is. The may also think of of socially awkward and obsessive times. Thanks Big Bang, I hate you. While some of those generalizations may be true, in general I don’t fit the standard geek MO.

While I am an introvert, I am far from reclusive. I enjoy going out and doing things with people. Even parties are cool with me, though I am not too big of a fan of really, really big crowds. I also don’t obsess over things, and though sometimes I tend to like being right a bit too much, I’ve been learning to just let things go more often than not. And while I do spend most of the day basking in the glow of a monitor, I take frequent breaks from it and enjoy being outside.

I also like to do many things that a lot of people find hard or boring. I enjoy programming for starters, for both fun and challenge. I like it when I go from having no idea how to do something to delivering something functional and sometimes even creative. I enjoy logic puzzles and have a lot of fun looking for patterns in everyday life. I could see me enjoying data analysis someday. I know most people aspire to that…

Super Sexy and Charming Bachelor

No, not really. I’m sexy on the inside, though… maybe?

A Man Who’s Always Looking for Improvement

No matter what the reason, I am always looking for ways to improve. Sometimes it’s at work (making things better or more streamlined), sometimes it’s mental (learning Japanese, Piano, and Ukulele), and slowly it’s becoming more physical (getting up early to do a daily walk).

No one can say they don’t make mistakes, and certainly I have seasoned my life with many. However, mistakes are like concrete blocks. You can use them to build a study stairway to get to where you want to be, or you can tie them to your body until the weight of them are so heavy you can no longer go forward. I have built many steps, and slowly am untying the ones weighing me down.

Beyond my own, I try to not make mistakes that I see other people make. For this I read books and blogs where I can see what people I think have been able to do what I want to and figure out what went right and what went wrong. As Lady Roosevelt once said- “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself”. Well said.

And Who’s Crazy Enough to Put It All on the Internet

The goal of this website for me is to track my own progress in my life. On the my Stats pages you can find all sorts of stats about myself (warning, the geek comes out when it comes to numbers and stats, even when it comes to my personal stats). The Goals page is just that, a listing of all my goals. I have quite a list, but if you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time. In the Blog I will try to update progress in a less numerical based way, and maybe I will have insights on my journey that can help other people. Most likely I’ll just spew random nonsense though.

So that’s it, nothing more to say here. Check around and feel free to drop me a line if you want to get in contact with me for some reason.

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