Late Self-Help Author Alan Lakein famously said “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Though too detailed of plans can sometimes actually slow down progress, it is important to have specific goals in mind. This page is a list of current goals I have along with short explanations on what I am doing to achieve the said goal. It’s not exhaustive by any means, and there are some goals I have in life that are simply too personal to share publicly. Since there isn’t much in the intro here I’ll add one more quote I like from late Author and Motivational Speaker Zig Ziglar- “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”.

For this list I have these goals categorized by my assumed difficulty from level 1 to level 4. I could be way wrong on how hard these actually are, so I’ll shift them around when I become wiser on such things. Below is an explanation of the levels I used for this.

Level 1 – Easy Goals – Pretty simple and straightforward, these might take a week or few to complete.
Level 2 – Medium Goals – In general not something accomplished overnight, but also not something requiring extensive planning either. These might take a month or maybe even a few to complete successfully.
Level 3 – Hard Goals – More planning, more time. These goals could take up to a year or even longer to complete, and require a massive time commitment. Hitting these will signify very noticeable change in my life.
Level 4 – Extreme Goals – The master quests of my goals, these will be multi-year endeavors and require many other smaller goals to be met before reaching these. Long team planning and large shifts of thinking in my life are required to complete these goals. My life is going crazy in a good way when I get to these!

My Goal List

Level 1

Build a $500 Savings Account – Even though I make decent money, I have no savings. This sucks because it means I have to use credit or loans when emergencies arise. I’m tired of debt, so this will be a good start from getting away from it.

Study in School Everyday for 2 Weeks Straight – Simple enough, spend at least 15 minutes a day 2 weeks straight studying for school. That will send me on a path of having a pretty cool habit going for me.

Study Japanese Everyday for 2 Weeks Straight – Same as above, but different studies.

Workout 4 Times a Week for a Month Straight – Good started goal I think for getting myself on the path of the more healthy.

Level 2

Have $1000 in Savings – A bigger fund for bigger emergencies. With this I should be fully capable to survive all but the biggest emergencies. I debated whether this should be level 2 or 3, but ultimately decided that this shouldn’t take THAT long…

Lose 25 Pounds – I started my weight loss at 300 lbs, and have slowly worked my way down to 288. I’m hoping that with the extra effort I have been putting in at the gym and a more generalized cleaner diet this goal isn’t too far off.

Build a Fully Functional Robot – I love machine learning and robotics, so one of my goals is to build a fully functional robot to show to people when they come over to party at my pad. Bonus points if it can speak and understand language, though I don’t want to go too deep just yet.

Master Java – OK, I love programming, but Java is my Achilles heel of sorts. I don’t know why, but I tend to mess this language up quite a bit and get frustrated. But since I have to get my first certification in Java this semester, I want to master the language.

Get Half-Way Through School – A 3-6 months should be all I need to have half of my needed Credit Units completed in my school. I by no means want to take it easy simply because I am good at taking tests, instead I want to accelerate to the point of just wiping the floor with my progress.

Complete Levels 1-2 in Rosetta Stone for Japanese – As preparation for the JLPT I am working through Rosetta Stone learning software. Getting fluent in these first 2 levels will set a good foundation I think in this. If I study everyday for a couple of months I should be near or past these levels, so that is my first language goal.

Level 3

Lose 60 Pounds – Getting below 240 would be a massive boon to my health. Though not fully at my target weight, I would be able to do just so much more than I could now. With this much weight lost I can get past my last 5 years of sedimentary life and onto being more active everyday. Also the increase of energy I would have by now should help me achieve my other goals faster.

Finish Bachelor’s Degree – Charging through this would be a nice elephant taken out of my forward path of progress… OK, so that’s a lame way of putting it. I already program quite a bit and pick up on things really fast, so getting the paper saying I do both of these things would just add to everything else I am doing. Also it will make meh parents proud! (Sniff Cry)

Complete Levels 3-4 in Rosetta Stone for Japanese – Finishing this should fully prepare me for passing N5 and hopefully N4 of the JLPT. These are super important as they are the building blocks to being able to speak and comprehend Japanese in a way where I could converse with a native speaker of the language.

Pass the JLPT N5 – The JLPT (Japanese-Language Proficiency Test) is a way to show how much of the Japanese language you have been able to learn. N5 is the easiest to pass, but still is not easy. By passing it you show that you can read the most commonly used words (including Kanji) and phrases. You can also listen to most daily conversations and pick up the most important details of these if the speaker is speaking slowly.

Pass the JLPT N4 – Same as above, but a bit harder. Everyday topics can now be read, and most conversations can be understood to a finer detail as long as the speaker isn’t speaking at a native speed.

Level 4

Lose 120 Pounds – 180, though slightly above where my BMI says I need to be, would be my being super lively and the healthiest I have ever been in my life. Though maybe I could lose a bit more, hitting 180 would be a massive accomplishment. I would be super agile and greatly energized by then. Walking around in big cities, running for train and buses, climbing things, doing parkour… all of these things would now be pretty easy for me. I can’t even imagine now how good I will feel when I get to this level. Of all things on this list, this takes most of the priority over everything else.

Have No Debt – I am one of the “lucky” Americans, as the average household debt is $132158, so even halving that to a little over 66k is way more debt than I have. Mainly because of student loans, I am 21k in debt as of writing and will be about 25k in debt once I finish my BS for Software Development. Getting rid of all of this would make my life so much easier, and will free me up to do so many other things. The faster I can get this weight off my back the better.

Build an AI and Robotics System to Help People – I don’t fully know what this would all entail yet, but I don’t want to learn machine learning and robotics just to build for fun. I would love to create a system to help people in some way or another. I actually am working on a design for a robot to allow sick kids in hospitals to have a bit of fun using VR, but I won’t get ahead of myself. Once I make someone’s day brighter with awesome technology, I will be happy to mark this goal off as complete.

Be a Ninja Warrior Contestant – I super love Ninja Warrior (and now I can do it in ‘Merica) so naturally once I get into the best shape of my life I want to try out on it to be a contestant. Even if I were to fall on the first obstacle, it would be a blast and something I would never forget doing. I am doing a nice before and after video as a submission for a future date that may help me have an easier time in this. Considering I use this show and my desire to be on it as a big motivation for weight loss this is one thing in my life I really want to do.

Pass the JLPT N3 – The real deal I am aiming for. This would show me able to comprehend much more reading, including things like newspaper headlines and and more uncommon daily use sentences. As for listening, I should be able to carry on normal everyday conversations and be spoken to at near-native speeds without much trouble. All this is very important as I plan on mainly using only Japanese while traveling around in Japan, which is my next goal listed…

Travel for a Month in Japan – Even when I was little I wanted to travel around the world. More in the last few years, I have taken an interest in both the Japanese language and the culture of the country as well. Because of this I have started planning and saving for a month long trip in Japan. Doing so would give me plenty of time to fully experience life there, and I guarantee I would have one hell of a story to tell when I got back.

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